Serving Palm Beach County

At Pool Pro, we believe that owners of pools should be enjoying a leisurely and fun day of basking in the sun-kissed skies and swimming in the cool, clean waters of their pools instead of getting bogged down with pool maintenance. We specialize in pool maintenance, so our customers can do just that.

With our certified pool technicians, you can relax while we take care of all the details for your pool maintenance. We offer a variety of service maintenance bundles to choose from. To test the chemistry of the pool water, we utilize electronic chemical testing kits with over 13 different reagents. For salt water pools, we utilize salt test meters.

You can feel confident that we will sanitize and purify the chemical levels with our proprietary eco-friendly chemicals and sanitizers. Our pool technicians utilize electronic chemical testing kits with over 13 different chemical reagents for water balancing testing.

In addition, our pool technicians also follow a 27-point checklist of tasks that includes analyzing the efficiency of the pump, plumbing and filter. With all this data, we can accurately assess how well the pool is running. And if you need any replacement parts like pumps and filters, we have quick access to any manufacturer lines.

To ensure that your pool is clean, we use pressurized commercial vacuums along with skimming the surface with commercial Oreq nets and add Pool Pro Surface Brite. Skimmer baskets and pump baskets are emptied, and we’ll clean up the tile with industry tile soap for a sparkling look. The filter will also be inspected and cleaned once a month. All around, our pool maintenance service is professional and comprehensive. Simply put, we take care of it all.

At Pool Pro, we take pool maintenance to a whole new level.

Not only are our methods high-tech, our system of operations are also high-tech. After a pool maintenance service visit, we send you a GPS generated text message that provides the pool chemical balance details along with the time and date of service.

All of your pool chemical data and mechanical system data are stored in our computer files. You can review all of your personalized data on your own profile page at any time. Our real-time data is just one of the few hallmarks of our service that sets us apart from the rest.

Experience the Pool Pro difference, and give us a call today!