Serving Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, and Broward Counties

If you need to have your swimming pool cleaned, turn to the trusted experts at Pool Pro. Having a clean pool is essential for good health. Swimming pool contaminants can be introduced by both swimmers and environmental sources. Micro-organisms from infected swimmers can come from body oils like sweat, saliva, urine, suntan lotion, fecal matter and cosmetics.

Environmental contaminants can come from droppings from birds which harbor disease-causing viruses, windblown dirt and debris and rain containing microscopic algae spores. Pathogenic contaminants in swimming pools are associated with what is known as recreational water illnesses (RWIs). Common illnesses as a result of a poorly maintained swimming pool include diarrhea, respiratory infections, skin rashes and swimmer’s ear.

To kill pathogens and to help prevent RWIs, swimming pools must maintain proper levels of chlorine and use sanitizers. At Pool Pro, we use a proprietary blend of organic chemicals and sanitizers that are both eco-friendly and healthy.

Using our unique methods, we are able to keep the water in your pool sanitary and balanced with 40 percent less chlorine. As a result, you have a safe swimming environment with silky water and softer skin. Our methods are so effective and earth-friendly, that many medical organizations endorse our pool sanitation methods.

Included in the weekly pool cleaning service Pool Pro will:

  • Send a GPS generated text message that provides date, time and pool chemical balance details
  • Your pool chemical data as well as mechanical system data kept in your web accessible “Pro-file”
  • Test & Adjust Water with Pool Pro custom formulated blend of organic minerals and sanitizers
  • Vacuum with commercial quality equipment
  • Skim with commercial Oreq nets and add Pool Pro Surface Brite
  • Empty Basket(s) at skimmer and pump
  • Brush Tile as necessary with tile soap
  • Clean Filter once a month and inspect

All of our pool technicians are Certified Pool Operator (CPO) trained and exceed the industry standards for excellence. At Pool Pro, computerized activity logs are reviewed by management on a daily basis to ensure proper chemical techniques and proper water management.

Our pool technicians utilize electronic chemical testing kits with over 13 different chemical reagents for water balancing testing. Keep in mind that most companies only use three.

We always go the extra mile to ensure the purity of the water in your swimming pool. In addition, our salt test kits ensure the right balance of the chemicals in your salt pool. All of the data is secured in a customer electronic profile documented with the date and time of testing.

Each time we service your pool, you receive a text message with all the details of the tasks performed. Our customers can access their password protected profile online from the convenience of their homes to review invoices and evaluate the chemical balance of their swimming pools over a period of months. With Pool Pro, our customers are always wowed with our high-tech methods.

We believe that pool owners should enjoy the fun and comfort of their swimming pools without worrying about the safety of the water. With our professional pool cleaning services, water fun is a slam dunk.