Pool Resurfacing

Over time, your pool will start to age. Eventually sun, sand, and normal wear and tear will cause your pool’s finish to degrade. If you’re starting to notice degradation, chipping, cracks, or other damage, it might be time to look at some options for pool resurfacing, or as some call it, pool plastering. Pool Pro has done many of these projects and we make sure it’s done right the first time.

Repairs to Pool Deck, Coping, and Tile

The deck and border area around your swimming pool are just as important as the finish of the pool itself. If these areas are left unchecked, they can appear unsightly. What’s more, cracked or broken deck tiles or finishes can be a safety hazard, poorly-maintained coping can create major structural problems if left too long, and damaged tile can lead to water leaks or cracks in the future.

A South Florida customer’s pool after extensive remodeling

Fall in Love with Your Pool Again

Pool remodeling is not just about pipes and cement. It’s about that magical moment of pride you feel every time you step out to look at your pool.

We believe your swimming pool is the pinnacle of your home. Whether modern and edgy or traditional and romantic or playful and charismatic, your pool is a reflection of your personality. By remodeling your pool, you will fall in love again with your entire property. You’ll get those butterflies every time you glance at the decor. And you’ll feel great knowing all the new technology is keeping operating costs and maintenance expenses in check.