Test & Adjust Water

Our technicians and managers carry three forms of water test equipment. Test Strips, “Taylor” test kits and Solaxx electronic test meters.  The accuracy and repeatability of water test equipment can be called into question. Pool Pro has conducted our own controlled tests. During these tests with water samples from 20 pools and over 200 samples of data, we tested old equipment, new equipment, electronic equipment and several procedures for each. To no surprise, the data swayed as much as 20% at times with severe inconsistency in PH and Stabilizer. The interesting part was that with little training and an understanding for each method, the results became more consistent with each other. The age old belief that strips are not as accurate as a test kit holds little truth. Both methods have acceptable levels of quality when they are understood. In the end, we can back it up with an electronic unit and quantify our results.


We have found that no less than 6 factors significantly impact test data.
1. Age of test equipment. If the test kit or test strips have been in the field more than 30 days. They have been exposed too many times and functionally inadequate.
2. Condition of test equipment. This is due to moisture, dirt and being carted into 80 homes a week. We’ve seen results off by as much as 20%.
3. Test procedure. Test strips require a specific amount of time after being dipped and a trained eye to compare color. The Taylor test kit requires accurate drip methods and a trained eye to compare color.
4. The technician. Everyone is a little different. If you put 3 technicians side by side, the data will vary enough to make a difference.
5. Out of Balance. Pools that are significantly out of balance or were formerly left for dead, then shocked heavily, can provide some erratic results.
6. Pools are like people. They are all different! No two pools are the same.


***Purpose of test applies to weekly service on pools within acceptable range.