Preparing for a Coastal Storm

As a pool owner, you need to make sure your property is secure. It is not always necessary to lower your swimming pool water level. However, If you feel it necessary, due to drainage or other issues, don’t lower the water… level more than one foot below the normal water level as insufficient water in the pool can cause it to separate from the ground. Also, please note that water should be above the skimmer any time the pump is running and the skimmer line is open.


Before the Storm:

1) If possible, it is a good idea to hyper chlorinate the pool water prior to the storm. This will help it in the post storm recovery process. Pool Pro is happy to assist with this service, but if the storm arrives too quickly, you can purchase a dry powder type chlorine shock treatment. We recommend Trichloroisocyanuric acid, commononly referred to as “Trichlor”, generally available at most pool supply stores. Add approximately 1 pound per 7,500 gallons of water. A typical pool contains 13,000-15,000 gallons. You can purchase this ahead of time and store it at your home until a potential storm threatens. Turn off all the circuit breakers supplying the pool equipment prior to a major storm.

2) Important enough to repeat: Turn off all the circuit breakers supplying the pool equipment prior to a major storm.

3) Do not throw your patio furniture into the pool because it can scrape the finish of the pool. We recommend that you buy a cable lock and attach it to a tree or bundle it all together.

After the Storm:

1) In the interim until we arrive, if you expect it to be more than 5 days, add dry chlorine shock treatment (Dichlor) may save money along the way. Add about 1 pound per 7,500 gallons of water every 5 days or so, or any time you see a green hue in the pool.

2) Inspect your pool equipment, swimming pool and deck area. Once you have power, if the motor is dry, and everything is safe and intact, you may turn the circuit breakers back on.

3) If the pool requires additional chemicals or cleaning after the storm, we will provide you with an estimate. Conditions will vary from pool to pool and one of our technicians will visit your house as soon as possible to

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